Licensing of Third Party Administrators – Currently, as many as forty-five (45) states may require licensing or other regulatory filing in order to act as a Third Party Administrator. Whether you need assistance from start to finish or maybe just a little guidance, First Consulting can assist you to expand your business licenses.   Having an experienced expert by your side throughout this process can help you get to market efficiently and as soon as possible.

Specialty Insurance Licenses - First Consulting has the experts to handle those “specialty” licenses as well.  Whether you’re a Home Service Contract Provider, Discount Medical Plan Organization, Pharmacy Benefit Manager, or any other entity requiring a unique insurance license we can help.

UCAA Corporate Expansion/Changes – Today's economic and legal environment is a driving force behind changes and expansion for many insurance companies. The changing landscape often leads to company's seeking to: 

  • expand lines of authority in an existing state
  • seek admission in a new jurisdiction
  • rebrand or change their name
  • merge or undergo changes in ownership

While the  Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA) was designed to simplify this process, a successful application often depends on the quality of a submission. First Consulting’s team is well versed in the UCAA requirements for expansion and corporate amendment applications. We can file the application on your behalf and manage the process from start to finish. 


Renewal and DOI Reporting Services – Take the stress out of the renewal and reporting process by letting First Consulting maintain your Third Party Administrator or other DOI licenses by:

  • Tracking your renewal and annual reporting dates
  • Providing online access to view the status or your licenses
  • Advising what documents are needed for renewal and reporting
  • Prepare and submit your renewal and reporting forms to the insurance department

Third Party Administrator Audits – TPAs are valuable partners for insurance companies and it’s important to make sure both parties get the most out of these relationships. Some states have recognized the importance of communication and supervision of TPAs and require insurers to conduct at least a semi-annual review of TPA operations. This requirement includes one on-site audit of the operations. First Consulting’s experts can help you prepare for these reviews and even conduct them on your behalf.

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