Third Party Administrator (TPA) & Specialty Licensing Services

Currently, as many as forty-five (45) states may require licensing or other regulatory filing in order to act as a Third Party Administrator. 

Expand Your Licenses

Whether you need assistance from start to finish or maybe just a little guidance, First Consulting can assist you to expand your business licenses.   First Consulting has researched the licensing requirements in all states, and has the experience to complete this work on your behalf.  We’ll complete the necessary applications and transmittals and coordinate the procurement and submission of any other required materials for each state. Contact Us for a quote.

Interested in doing it yourself?  Click here to read more about our On-Line Licensing Manual.

Maintain Your Licenses

Take the stress out of the renewal and reporting process by letting First Consulting maintain your Third Party Administrator licenses by:

  • Tracking your renewal and annual reporting dates
  • Advising what documents are needed for renewal and reporting
  • Prepare and submit your renewal and reporting forms to the insurance department

Specialty Licenses

First Consulting has the experts to handle those “specialty” licenses as well.  Whether you’re a Home Service Contract Provider, Discount Medical Plan Organization, Pharmacy Benefit Manager, or any other entity requiring a unique insurance license, Contact Us to learn how we can help.

Stay focused on what you do best: servicing clients, operating your business efficiently and growing your business.

Let First Consulting's licensing experts keep your licensing in order.