Developing New and Revised Products – Whether your need is complete assistance with a new product or a variation of a product you have sold for years, we can help!

State Variation Drafting – Increase your speed to market by using our experts to revise your product to include the required state specific provisions and mandated benefits.

State Filings – With resources stretched to the max it can be hard to get form, rule and rate filings submitted in a timely fashion. First Consulting will make your product filings a priority. (read more)

Research & Regulator Inquiries – Whether the need is for a compilation and analysis of laws and regulations, or a survey of regulator positions without revealing your identity, our experts can help.


Monitoring Changes in State Laws – Staying current on all of the state compliance updates can be a difficult and time consuming process.  Determining which updates are truly applicable….(read more)

Start-up & Innovation Support – It’s a brave new world of technology and state insurance compliance. We successfully help InsurTech’s to solve their state regulatory issues.

Organizing Company Coverage forms – Looking to streamline and consolidate your product forms? We have the unique experience to help simply your portfolio.

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