Corporate Governance – Our expertise includes corporate governance design as well as the implementation of specific practices. This can be delivered through customized solutions or purchase of one of our toolkits.  (read more)

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – First Consulting offers a full range of consulting services to develop an ERM framework or enhance specific practices. The services are designed to be tailored to a company's needs.  (read more)

Internal Audit – As the third line of defense, insurance internal audit plays an important governance role in collaboration with ERM and compliance. We're equipped to perform this service on your behalf or support development of your internal audit program. 


Vendor Risk Management – third party risk management is a key consideration within an overall ERM framework. We can support the design and implementation of your vendor oversight practices. 

Fraud Risk Assessment Also a key consideration relative to governance, First Consulting can provide an independent perspective on internal and external threats to your firm. 

Business Risk Management & Insurance – Our team is uniquely qualified to assess risks to your operation and guide the insurance purchasing process in order to meet your coverage needs in a cost effective manner. 

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