HIV Informed Consent Service

First Consulting also offers detailed research related to HIV Informed Consent.

Our HIV Informed Consent Service provides a broad range of valuable information on the following topics:

  • Allowable AIDS/HIV Application Questions
  • Whether a state requires a written consent form
  • State Specific Consent and Notice Forms and how long the form is valid
  • Whether Pre-Test or Post-Test Counseling is required
  • Whether prior testing can be referenced
  • Whether urine test is allowed or blood test is required
  • Any specific life or health requirements
  • Whether other forms are required and what those forms are
  • Citations to the applicable laws and regulations

This valuable service is offered on a 12 month subscription basis, for the cost of $600. Renewals are only $450 a year.

Contact Us for more information, or take a virtual tour of the service for free by logging in here with username: virtualtour and password: research, then select the Research tab.