First Consulting has on outstanding career opportunity for the person who wants to join a team of compliance professionals in a leadership role. 

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As part of our ongoing effort to help our clients access the research they need, First Consulting has developed several web-based research services. Subscribers to these services are able to review the current laws and regulations specific to their issues of concern in an easy to read format. Our current web-based services are:

  • Anti-Fraud Compliance, detailing state requirements regarding each state’s definition of a fraudulent insurance act, use of fraud warnings, content and filing of anti-fraud plans and fraud reporting duties.
  • HIV Informed Consent Service, describing HIV consent requirements, allowable AIDS application questions and HIV testing and screening protocol.
  • Third Party Administrator Licensing Service, which outlines whether an entity needs to be licensed as a TPA and the requirements for obtaining such license.

In addition we offer complimentary on-line research on a variety of topics of interest to insurers in all lines of business. We can also provide research tailored to your specific needs.

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Sean Cox


Working with TPA’s brings on regulatory requirements that may stretch your resources. First Consulting is happy to announce a couple tools that can assist you in monitoring your TPA’s.

  • As of January 2015, we can deliver new online individual fraud training, to supplement our live webinar fraud training already available.
  • We can also assist your company with establishing anti-fraud procedures and processes, record keeping, reporting requirements, and training as required in some states.

And, as always, our On-Line Research Services – Third Party Administrator Licensing Service – answers questions about TPA Licensing. This On-Line Research Service enables Insurers, as well as TPA’s, to find answers about:

  • What is a TPA?
  • What organizations need to be licensed?
  • Where does a TPA need to be licensed?
  • What forms are needed for licensing?
  • What are the responsibilities of Insurers that use TPA’s?
  • What other requirements must be met?

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Or, you can contact me regarding any of the above services.

Scott Sheffer